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Employee benefits data management is challenging. Often, it is beyond the available capacity of internal human resources teams. This is where NUKG comes in. NUKG’s teams will be aligned to understand the company’s needs and address them consistently.

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Our Services

Fully Insured

Many times fully insured groups have to go to one location to get information about their medical plan, another location to get life insurance information, and a third place to get a real-time census. What if all of that could be housed under one roof? That’s what NUKG can offer to you and your clients.

Self Insured

Self insured clients have multiple needs. Due to new technology , they could have as few as 50 employees or as many as 10,000 employees. They need to have accrate information at their fingertips and they need a vendor that is easy to work  with. That’s what NUKG can offer to you and your clients.  

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All the ‘Resolution on the first call (ROFC)” or “First call Resolution(FCR)” calls serviced by our chatbot. Your Support Desk not having to service this volume of calls releases capacity for servicing the more complex support calls. In general, we find this percentage to be upwards of 15% support calls each month !

Your Imagination can now be a REALITY!!!

With NUKG’s Artificial Intelligence driven Machine Learning Bot, your Support Desk now has a team member that is available 24/7, can deal with most ROFC / FCR type service requests and log more complex requests to the attention of appropriate resources. The Chatbot can handle several service requests at the same time, with absolutely no wait-in-queue time or no call drops / hang-ups

NUKG’s solution is flexible in terms of hosting on your IT infrastructure or providing it as a cloud based managed service.

Talk to us about all the possible options.

Trust NUKG’s AI. The sky is the limit.


NUKG is a one stop shop for support on all activities around benefits administration and data Management. We focus on fulfilment of services – accurately, on time and every time – while you can focus on expansion of your services and business.

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Our Team

Our teams have the subject matter expertise as well as the technical / technology skills required for efficient benefits administration and data Management.

Our Process

Our teams have the subject matter expertise as well as the technical / technology skills required for efficient benefits administration and data Management.

Our Platform

We work off a benefits platform that provides employees a web interface built on a very robust system, to facilitate benefits setup, open enrollment, life event management and on-going data management.


NUKG Business Solutions is a Business, Process & Technology Consulting firm specializing in the area of Benefits Data Management and Administration. NUKG combines world-class deep industry and domain knowledge with extensive business, technology and operational expertise to rapidly maximize productivity and business value that our clients can provide to their end-clients. We help our clients in building and deploying most significant strategic, tactical and operational solutions. Core members of the NUKG Business Solutions team have played key roles throughout each significant event in NUKG’s success.

NUKG consistently succeeds due to the expertise, experience, dedication and passion of its people. We are always on continuous lookout for bright, motivated and hard-working people to help us shape the future of NUKG.


We are growing and are looking for senior resources to play key roles as Client Acquisition Executives, Analysts, Consultants and Principal Consultants. If your area of expertise is Benefits and you are keen to be part of NUKG’s growing team, Please email your updated resume to careers@nukg.com .

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