COVID-19: Associate Well-being and Business Continuity

Message to Our Clients:

At NUKG, we place the health and safety of our associates and all our partners at the top of our priorities.

In view of the current pandemic, as would be the case with all our clients, we too are focusing on the safety of our associates.  We are also ensuring that we diligently meet all our service commitments.  To this extent, NUKG has announced 100% work from home for all staff from 24-March-2020.  This will continue, at a minimum, until the Indian government lock down is in place and as needed even beyond that.

The Incident & Information Management Team at NUKG monitors the advisories from local & federal governments.  This team then plans and puts in motion the steps to ensure our operational readiness.

The next few weeks will surely throw up challenges for all of us.  We urge our clients to not hesitate to reach out to us, if we can be of any help or assistance at any time.

Please stay safe.


Important sources of information:

Indian government website for information on COVID-19                                       :

Telangana state website for information on COVID-19                                            :

Indian Council for Medical Research ICMR website for updates on COVID-19    :

Number to be dialed in Hyderabad in case of a health emergency                         :  104

List of government hospitals with COVID-19 isolation wards in Hyderabad         :

List of private hospitals with COVID-19 isolation wards in Hyderabad                  :

A simple illustration to identify COVID-19 symptoms:


A few quick and easy measures that could keep us safe: